What’s the project all about?

Behind the Scars simply captures a scar and its beauty in a photograph, and relates the story that lies behind it.

How can I get Involved?

Email hello@behindthescars.co.uk with ‘GET INVOLVED’ in the subject line. Make sure in your email that you tell me a little bit about yourself, and your scar. Please include a photo of yourself & your scar. I will aim to reply within 14 days. Please note that the shoot dates are held in London, UK.

Can anyone take part?

Yes!! We accept all ages, ethnicities, genders and abilities. At the moment we are on particular lookout for more men and children to get involved.

Does your project cover emotional scars as well as physical scars?

This particular project only deals with physical scars. Lookout for future projects though.

Are you planning any exhibitions?

We have already been lucky enough to hold exhibitions in York and London, most recently at the V&A Museum. We are looking forward to holding many more in the future.

What are you plans for the future?

More stories, more images, more exhibitions, and creating a book! All in good time..

Do you shoot outside of the UK?

Generally, due to financial constraints the shoots are held in the UK. However, we have made a trip to New York and are researching future trips.

Can I submit my own photographs?

We don’t accept personal submissions. The project is photographed solely by Sophie Mayanne in her own unique style.

Do you have a media package?

We don’t have a media package available at this point in time. Any media enquiries should be directed to hello@behindsthescars.co.uk with ‘MEDIA’ in the subject line.

I am doing a university project, am I able to include your images?

Any use of imagery from the project must be agreed in writing to protect both the participants and the integrity of the project. Any requests should be directed to hello@behindthescars.co.uk

Where can I find you on Social Media?

Instagram: @behindthescars_

How often do you hold shoots?

We hold regular shoot dates in London, UK throughout the year. Please email hello@behindthescars.co.uk with ‘SHOOT DATES’ in the subject line to find out our next block of dates and to book your place.

Where do you hold shoots?

Shoots are held at various studios across London. Please note that not all venues are fully accessible. This will be made clear when shoot dates are sent out.

Can I assist you on shoot?

I am always keen to support upcoming photographers and people interested in contributing to the project. If you would like to assist me on a shoot please email hello@behindthescars.co.uk with ‘ASSIST’ in the subject line and a short paragraph about your background and experience.

Do you pay participants?

This project is self-funded and participants are not paid to take part.

How is the project funded?

The project is self-funded. We also give the participants the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution of £5.00 towards future shoots. We also raise money periodically via crowdfunding. We also have a direct donation button on the website.

You have photographed someone with my type of scar before, can I still apply?

Every scar is different, even if it is from the same surgery, so, yes please apply.