I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 years old, with no family history and no clue. I was an executive, an entrepreneur and an educator – married with 2 kids. Never in my life did I think I would pose half naked – but I also never thought I would get breast cancer!
I had a bilateral mastectomy and lymph node removed. I decided not to reconstruct. It is a personal decision and despite people telling me I would regret it, I do not. I bare my scars for all those who feel less than. I am still feminine – I’m not an exhibitionist, but I want others who find themselves to be the 1 in 8 to know that life goes on. That beauty is strength, and cancer does not mean that life is over. I hope that seeing my body honestly, and my smile and happiness to still be here helps you embrace your body. Whether you have 1 boob, no boobs or whatever – cancer made me scared. It made me hide, made me lose my voice – but I am taking it all back. To be fearless, and to use my voice. And of course, to have hair again!”